Bang at the World Cup - go to prison for seven

As someone who has worked in the Middle East including Saudi Arabia

You don’t fuck around and find out in those countries. Sad about not being able to have sex with random people, don’t fucking enter the country morons.

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They got picked over England to host its a joke

It’s easy for you to say…but if you were a soccer player with tens of millions that has to stay there for a month to play in this tourney then you might have a different opinion.

I get it man…they have different customs and laws. But we’re talking about an organization that will talk about equality and blm shit while completely ignoring gays being stoned to death a couple streets over…they chose to go here.

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You cannot judge a society through the lens of what our society deems acceptable. They are a sovereign nation. They make their own rules. They are not subject to the limitations of government created by our Constitution.

I had to stay there for a while too and was being paid lots of $$$ - that’s a part of the sacrifice sometimes to make money. Just because these guys make more $$$ than I did out there, I should somehow feel differently like they don’t have to sacrifice, just because they can kick a ball well doesn’t mean I’m going to place them in some kind if ivory towers cause of that, nah.

(In reality, they can hop a plane to Dubai, Malta, Cyprus quickly and do whatever their hearts desire and they will be untouchable and it’s only the fans that will be affected. Saudi is much stricter in that regard and everyone knew that if you went to Dubai, Bahrain, and Qatar - you can do most of what you want if you aren’t a moron about it) They legit semi-state sponsored prostitution at the compounds there, alcohol sales and once you get to diplomatic quarters and the embassy party life - if doesn’t matter where in the world you are, there is another set of rules for those fuckers and everyone knows the Danish embassies are where you go to get fucking nuts and coke up)

About FIFA and what they represent, I will side with you on the hypocrisy of that, but it all comes down to the mighty dollar at the end of the day.

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Jesus - what an experience man.

Soccer and no fucking?

Who could resist such an event.

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drunken hooliganry , partying and screwing are half the experience. holy F this will be the worst cup ever.

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