Bang Ludwig vs Tyson Griffin!

Word has it they will fight each other at Strikeforce. Not officially confirmed yet, but I train at NCFA with Tyson and that's the word at our camp. I'll keep the UG posted with any news about this.

Sweet. Bang coming back down to 155?

"Bang coming back down to 155?"

I believe so. This is going to be a great fight!

is Griffin more of a wrestler/grappler or does he favor striking on the feet?

I thought he was fighting Thompson?

"is Griffin more of a wrestler/grappler or does he favor striking on the feet?"

Tyson is good at both striking and grappling. He's comfortable fighting from any where and usually does a mixture of both in his fights.

any other NCFA guys possibly on this card?

looking forward to these fights

Tyson by brutal tko

"any other NCFA guys possibly on this card?"

Nope, just Tyson as far as I know.

actually tyson seems to be very good at inflicting massive amounts of damage. he will win via tko

"Is Tyson the guy who beat Din Thomas? Thanks."

No, they have never fought each other.

"Is Tyson the guy who beat Din Thomas? Thanks."

You're probably thinking of Tyrone Glover.

Duane by Praying Mantis kung fu

bang win this via experiance. good luck to both i respect them both so much im scared of the result. tyson is the real deal though bang will have his hands full

if this stays standing... BANG! will own him

Maybe certain people should keep there fuckin mouths shut until they are told to release certain news..sometimes if shit is not released yet on other web sites there is a very good reason!!!!!!!!!!


My bad Franco. You are absolutely correct and I apologize. I will let certain web sites do their job and release news before I comment on it. Lesson learned.

things that are discussed in the academy should stay there..alot of times people talk about fights that may not be "official" in the sense that the ink is not on the paper but all parties agree to all terms of the fight or maybe its not signed yet because not all parties agree on everything and are still working the bugs out...

You make an excellent point Franco and I'm sorry for jumping the gun. I guarantee that won't happen again!