Bang Muay Thai

Anyone ever trained at one if these?

Theres an affiliate gym rekatively close to me.

Appears to be dutch style

I thought it was interesting he implemented a belt system, but i kinda get mcdojo vibes from it…

All I know is his peanut butter is bangin’, yo…

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Dwayne Ludwig has an excellent system to teach anyone self defense skills and improve their fighting ability. Much of it’s teachings are similar to those of Bas Rutten and the old Dutch style of stand up striking.

If you’ve seen any of their instructionals on YouTube then you’ve already familiarized yourself with some of their techniques, but they’re all great and very practical. I’ve learned a lot from them.

GSP is a pretty big fan as well, I believe.


His system is solid as can be. I sparred with him once for a round. He was way smaller and he about kicked my head off and tortured my legs. He has a lot to offer and I hear he has solid standards for his affiliates.


Cool advert. But i dont know if gsp is a fan.

Duane is an awesome technical striker and a great enthusiastic teacher. The late Robert Follis was a big fan and TJ’s results speak for themselves


Bang created the best striker that we have seen in MMA so far. He knows his shit


Fuckin A. Thanks guys.

Was looking for more dutch style to get back into so im hoping this is it.

Its crazy how much of a difference a coach can make.

Duane and hooft both teach the Dutch style. Yet only Duane can make elite strikers. While people regress under Hooft.


GSP and Bas are super tight. There’s a photo I have somewhere of him and Bas at Bas’ Thousand Oaks gym and as you may know, BANG MT is heavily inspired by Bas himself.

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Back in his KOtC days, wasn’t Bang actually a Bas student? I remember an announcer calling him Baby Bas at one point when he was kicking Shad Smith’s face off of his skull.

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Bang was Bas number one student.


Umm who?

“My Bang Muay Thai is tight” - TJ Dillashaw after completely destroying Renan Barao who hadn’t lost in a decade. UFC 173: TJ Dillashaw and Renan Barao Octagon Interviews - YouTube

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Is Bang Muay Thai affiliated with the Bang Bros? If so, I think I’ve seen a couple of their off hours closed gym training sessions.