Bang never ko'd any1 w/Crane Kick

Mauro should be fired. Not for botching this up, but for the entire night of crap coming from his head.


not as bad as that other commentator who kept calling ninja "shogun"

Golberg is the worst! Tough guy that got punked by Chris Jericho!!!!!!!!!!! and Steven Regal

Ah i remember that fight. One of my favorites as far as accurate and technical striking. Even busting out the crane kick in midst of a brutal beating of Shad.

he didnt use the crane kick he just made the motion for it. as like a taunt. he didnt throw the kick though... and lucky for shad that he didnt because after a crane kick from bang i dont think hed have been able to launch his wonderful felony fights career.

That commentator was an idiot. So is Goldberg though. There can be only 1 Goldy and that isn't him.

Bang does the Crane Kick pose in a lot of his fights, but that's not what the announcer was talking about. He said that Bang KO'd a training partner with it. He didn't say that he threw it in a fight.

JRSFITNESS1 is correct but the fact is BANG never KO'd anyone during training or during a fight with a crane kick

against Shad

he did the stance
then Khtfo

then after the garbage comment, he said that he just watched Karate Kid the day before. he shouldn't have admitted that.

both of the announcers came across as TUF Newbs. Jeff Osborne would never have said any of the crap that those guys were saying.