Bangkok Boxing in Atlanta??

Anybody use this gym? I'm in Atlanta for a bit and want to go to the Muay Thai classes. Is it cool? Not looking for "kickboxing cardio" type stuff, I need legit Muay Thai.

Thanks in advance.

Never heard of it. Look for Manu. I think he is still teaching at Alliance.

^^Thanks, I'll check it out.

I came across Bangkok Boxing because their schedule fits better with mine.

if you have a chance to train with Manu you should definitely do so. manu came down to CTC for a seminar today and the training was spectacular.

Manu is an EXCELLENT instructor. I only got to train with him a couple of times, but several buddies do regularly and their striking has improved tremendously!

Khunpon and Chike are the instructors there. I have trained with them a few times and they are good. Either there or with Manu would be a good choice

Thanks guys. I went to Bangkok Boxing and it's working out just fine. Khunpon is great and the guys there are cool. The average level of the members is high. I would recommend it to anybody.