bank of micronesia

wow.....didnt notice that yesterday.

what the hell do they deposit!?

must be beetlenut


Only problem is it's a pool account, not an allocated acount so you most likely don't get back the TOOF you wonder they gots fuked TOOFS

This is a joke, right?

The location was well planned since their main vault is just up the road...Humane Society.

We cant wait till it opens 

 Yeay for free checking 

 What is a deposit so does that mean we dont get the free water bottle 

 future instructor at HK if your not careful 

^^^this was shot on Maui, Kihei I think...lmao

nc, your posting prowess is too much for me 2 keep up wit lol. I meant the "micro bus" above


^this is why certain friends of mine are against mass transit / rail in Hawaii

NECKCRANK808 -  future instructor at HK if your not careful 

 Neckcrank has some "ins" with the micros it seems.....bahahswwhsahahah


LOL will see whos laughing friend

They will overun the island in 10 years. Might as well learn to accept this or move. Imagine what 10 years of continuous Micros moving to the island/reproduction is going to do.

hes right just make sure you dont get them wet  

oh man the loitering.

"Basically, whatever you focus your thoughts on whether you like it or not, you attract."

BS, I been focusing on getting a BJ and still negative contact....comm with the universe must be down FAK!

I'll give it one more try, I been focusing on Liz Chun's breastises since last night, if they don't appear in my hands by the end of next weeks I'm calling BOOOOLSHIT!

assumes the lotus position, greases cack and awaits arrival of chun

The population of Hawaii is getting uglier by the year lol.