Banking on Bahadurzada tonight...

Have 2 parlays tonight, Bahadurzada on both, Hunt on one, Gomi on the other...Low money 20$ and 10$ but its my first time betting fights so if I bomb, wont bother me at all

should have just takin Bahadurzada

I've got him too.

lol u guys and ur parlays, asking for trouble.

i have an individual bet on siyar however good look to both of us my friend!

You have an alright chance. That's what parlays are all about though Phone Post

It's so much easier to say Siyar. But yes I think he has this. He's quite good actually.

Ya I have a straight net on siyar Phone Post

He on my parlay tonight as well. Good luck! Phone Post

Well shit! Phone Post

WOOPS!...besides gomi getting robbed, this card was great