Banning paying members?

I can see it if someone started posting something completely illegal or
something, but this is getting to be completely crazy.

Banning a paying member for stirring the pot a bit though. Come on. I
think BSF has as many supporters on here as he does detractors. Hell,
even people that disagree with him completely admit that he's pretty
bloody funny.

Is it true that only Kirik can ban people, or can any mod do it?

It just seems so crazy to me that this site would take BSF's money,
allow him to be a pro-member and then turn around and take all the
priveleges away that he paid for.

Bring BSF back! The guy is pure entertainment. It was pretty weak banning him. Or did he hurt someones feelings?

I can't ban, can't even move threads. There's probably levels of moderator 'powers'.

I'm glad you're amused. But, sometimes there are bigger things at stake.

I wish I could read what it was that he said. BSF, even if you can't post here you can still read this. email me at

I personally would love to hear BSF do some of the commentary for

So who can ban?

Kirik, perhaps 1 or 2 others but I do not know whom.

It is also possible he was banned for another post, as when someone is banned, all their other threads and posts are/can be (not sure if it's optional) wiped at the same time. I believe that is 'punishment' for the action along with the ban.

I'd ban the son of a bitch...

Just for shits and giggles.

It's true, he'd do it. JHR is crazy!

JHR is all 6s & 7s

SHAT on a turtle !!!!