Banshee on Skinamax

Anyone else watch this show?

I just started season one yesterday and although the writing is almost network bad, it is offset with an overabundance of titacular hotness with each episode.

As long as you are willing to completely throw believability out the window, that show is AWESOME!

It took me a few episodes to get past the "you couldn't do that!!!" And just enjoy the shit. I can't wait for the new season on Friday. Probably the best fight scenes from any TV show, ever. Phone Post 3.0

Show is awesome. Me and my brother one day watched the entire first season in one sitting after never hearing of it before. Phone Post 3.0

My favourite show, I really can't wait for it to start up again on Friday, Lucas Hood fucks people up Phone Post 3.0

Awesome show, new season just stared, didnt watch it yet, will watch on Sat.

What a start to the new season Phone Post 3.0

Badass ass kicking and hot girls !

That Asian hacker is funny also. Phone Post 3.0

It's definitely a guilty pleasure show.

I think Lucas Hood should become the new sheriff of Charming so there can be twice the amount of insane car chases, murders and wacky goings on. Phone Post 3.0

Hopefully the Indian giver comes back. Damn Phone Post 3.0

Fuck yeah I watch this show Phone Post 3.0

In Phone Post 3.0

1BL0Wko - Fuck yeah I watch this show Phone Post 3.0
This. It's one of few shows I actually watch live. From the teasers, it looks to be another action packed season. Phone Post 3.0

Great show Phone Post 3.0

Love the show Phone Post 3.0

Good first episode.

Didnt realize it at first but the guy Carrie is fucking is the General, right? Does she know who he is and what he does? Seems like thats gonna be the in the group has to rob the base. They will use her relationship with the General to help rob it.

In Phone Post 3.0

Lots of sex and violence! My favorite Friday night show.

Anyone watch this show?

Such a good episode. Episode was pretty graphic, great fight scene though. Phone Post 3.0

Daaaaamn. Who saw that scrap between proctors right hand guy vs. Mona!? That shit was inteeeeeense. Fuck, Mona was so hot. Phone Post 3.0

I knew how it was gonna play out when Siobhan told him she'd be fine. Dam. I'm kinda bummed now. Phone Post 3.0