Bantamweight Belcher Back @ BKFC 20

The Talent

Was a big fan of the guy. Thought he retired early out of no where. Not sure if injury related but he’s an exciting fighter and I’m looking forward to it. Rather see him back in the UFC though.


Same here. I follow him on Instagram and the dude is jacked. I don’t know what he’s done over the years to get this big but he’s definitely in shape. It appears he has done the mental work too, so it really seems like he’s ready for this. Curious as to why he choose BKFC instead of MMA though.

Big fan of Belcher. Is his eye fully healed? Is he talking a chance with BK? I thought his eye was done after that poke.


I clicked in here for some Johnny Cash Now where is it?


I also thought he couldn’t fight because of a detached retina

Loved watching him fight I will never forget his beat down of paul harris


Yes. Everyone smiled when he destroyed that leg tearing maniac. He won some serious points to make up for having Roseanne Barr tattoo on his arm. (I know it’s Johnny Cash, I told my wife it was Roseanne)

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I don’t know but if you look at his Instagram it looks fine. He seems to be in a great place mentally and physically.

Didn’t he KO Paul Harris on the ground while he had his leg wrapped up?


Thick Tight Solid

Looks jacked, but his boxing technique looks terrible.

It’s crazy that Belcher looks that much bigger but he’s still able to make 135, maybe he took 5 inches off of his height. HKP I love your thread titles.

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No one can defeat Grown Ass Man Belcher!

War Belcher!

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