These photos of 90-year-old Japanese men competing in full-contact rugby are all the fitness motivation you need


The Fuwaku Rugby Club, which stages full-contact rugby matches for players over 40 years old, was the first club of its kind in Japan.


Players as old as 90 still play competitively for the Tokyo side.


"Since I joined Fuwaku Club, I have broken ribs many times and broke my collarbone too." 86-year-old Ryuichi Nagayama told Reuters, adding: "I don't mind dying playing rugby."------

perhaps a Blue-Fellow will kindly add some photos?

Rugby isn't a sport you would typically suggest as a way for the elderly to keep fit.

But at Fuwaku Rugby Club in Tokyo, men in their 90s are still getting their boots dirty and their bodies bruised in anticipation for first ever Rugby World Cup to be held on Japanese soil.------(article)

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