I had a question about baptism...I have looked around on the internet and I get so many different answers. I am a Christian but I was batized as a it important I get batized again? I read somewher that getting bapitized as a baby doesn't count because you don't understand what is going on.

Thanks very much....


depends on what you believe bro. Some people baptized infants, but then usually have a confirmation later which would be you volunteering to "confirm" your baptism, atleast that is how it was explained to me.

I like baptism as an adult, making a choice to follow Jesus, and walking in his example. The ritual and symbolism is very cool and important as well. My daughters are getting to an age when I think they will get baptised soon, they have wanted to for a long time, but I wanted them to understand it better.

If you want to do it do it.

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in your opinion or getting batized as an adult important to your salvation?


I think it is very important to following Jesus, He did it, and told his followers to do it. I believe there is a mystical element to baptism that cannot be rationalized, and the ritual is very important. As to your salvation, I don't think it is an issue, more an issue of faith, and obedience. If you were in my church I would recomend you do so, inviting as many of your family and friends as possible.

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gord, were you baptised as a Catholic? If so, do you still consider yourself Catholic? was a protestant church....

Rev- do Christians know about the Mikveh?

I agree with the rev again. Baptism is also one of the two ordinances Jesus mandated for the Church. Why? Rev summed it up.

That's pretty much why I believe in it, Jesus said to do it. Same with the Lord's Supper. As far as the adult dunk v/s child sprinkle thing, what rev said.

I can't speak for all Christians but I have no idea what a Mikveh is, but you can enlighten me.

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You didn't get the memo rev?

A mikva or mikveh is a place used for ritual immersions. A proper mikva contains a minimum of 40 SE'AH--about 191 U.S. gallons (Sorry, but you'll have to do your own metric conversion.) of undrawn water. In general, if there are more than 40 SE'AH, then the remainder of the water may come from any source. "Undrawn" means not filled by bucket or by metal pipes. Natural lakes, whether or not fed by streams or rivers, fall into the category of "undrawn waters." Many synagogues also provide indoor mikvas.

Before immersing in the Mikveh, we remove anything that would act as a barrier between the waters and ourselves. We enter the waters when we are physically clean. When immersing we must make sure that all of our body and hair is submerged. A Mikveh attendant of the same sex as the person immersing stands near the mikveh to make sure this occurs. We immerse once, say the appropriate blessings and then immerse twice more. Some may immerse a total of seven or even ten times depending on their own minhag (custom). The blessings are provided on a laminated sheet, which you may hold while in the water if you need to.

That is very cool.

The one thing I dislike about many baptisms I have gone to is they dunk em too fast. I hold them under for a good long while and let them thing about what it means.

atleast ten seconds.

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Rev, thats how I was baptised.

Of course it was done under the Eastern Orthdox faith, with a servant of the patriarch chanting latin and swining a smoking lantern.

I might have been naked, im not sure (I was 6).

elgringo, are you sure they chanted in Latin (Greek, maybe?)? Also, the smoking lantern was most likely incense.

Pomp and circumstance!

If it makes you feel better go for it. If you feel a need to publicly demonstrate your commitment to Christ, go for it. Though wouldn't it be better to publicly display your Christianity by helping lepers as it were?

Doesn't God "say" acts won't get you into heaven?

And why wouldn't you do both? and weren't we told to be baptised? And though acts won't get us into heaven, we are called to act are we not?

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Why not do both? Who does it really bring Glory to? Take a good hard look at it, I don't mean it as a slam, I mean I don't think people really anylize it enough!

I think it brings glory to God when you do what he said to do. I also think it brings glory to God when you tell your family and friends that you have come accepted God and are walking into life as a new creation, putting to death your old life and embracing the new. We make a public declaration of our commitment of marriage why would a commitment to God be less important?

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I wouldnt let anyone tell you that baptism is required for salvation. I was believing this and its really not a good way to look at things. I think baptism is wonderful and am glad I had the oppotunity to be baptized.

Paul said

For Christ did not send me to baptize, but to preach the gospel--not with words of human wisdom, lest the cross of Christ be emptied of its power.

If we depend on anything we do, even baptism, to save us we are taking the glory away from God. Other than that I think its very important.

Makes perfect sense too me?