baptist sex crimes covered up

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Most Southern Baptist pastors and preachers are hypocrites in that they don't practice what they preach. According to Southern Baptists own statistics and reports most of their pastors are sexual perverts and reality shows their church leaders protects their pastors and not the sheep.

COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa (ABP) -- Dee Miller, and her husband, Ron, envisioned serving God in Central Africa perhaps for the rest of their lives. But more than 10 years ago, their careers as Southern Baptist missionaries ended traumatically. The couple now is serving an American Baptist church in Iowa and speaking out on an issue that is close to home -- the problem of clergy sex abuse and the church's collusion in keeping it quiet, reported the Associated Baptist Press - Victim of sexual abuse by clergy battles code of silence in churches June 2, 2000 - Volume: 00-48 By Laurie Lattimore,

Miller first told her story of being sexually assaulted by a fellow missionary in a 1993 book, "How Little We Knew," published by Prescott Press. But it was not the attack, she says, but the denomination's efforts to cover it up, that eventually caused her to resign. "They wanted me to go back to sleep, and I'm not going back to sleep, " said Miller.

Every pastor knows of a colleague who was forced to resign amid a sex scandal. In an oft-cited Christianity Today survey, 12 percent of ministers admitted to having engaged in extramarital sex and 23 percent in some other form of illicit sexual activity.

Miller admits she "comes down hard" on Southern Baptists and all denominations that turn their heads to the problem of sex abuse by clergy, but she makes no apologies. A desire for a "quick fix" is the worst approach Baptists or any faith group can take in dealing with what experts say is a growing problem, Miller says.