Bar Fight with MMA on your side?

Ok. Here is a scenerio me and my friends like to discuss and describe what would go down and the carnage that would result.

You are in a really rough bar - full of bikers/or a bunch of thugs. Some of them start some sh*t with you and then all of a sudden you are surrounded. You can have any 3 MMA'ers walk in to take your side in the soon to be bar brawl.

Who would you choose? And - what would be the resulting carnage? How many do you think you and 3 of the baddest Pride/UFC guys could handle?

I would like to have Fedor/Mark Hunt/Silva. Can you imagine the blood that would be spilled. It would be so funny cause the bikers/thugs would prolly not know who they were and surely would not know what would be about to happen to them.

After 2 minutes, how many would be lying on the floor bleeding/broken/unconcience?

I would just pull out my flying guillotine and wouldn't need any back up.


Fedor, Mark Hunt, Bob Sapp.

We would wreck the entire bar


the end result would be me drinking a beer while they whiped out the entire bar. and buying a round for them when they were done.

Never been to a rough bar, have you?


I woul pull gaurd and demolish all my foes

Silva, Wallid, and Ricardo Morias.


I am not familiar with Wallid and Morias - bad mofo's?

Fedor, Silva, and either CroCop or Rutten.

I'm going with the 'you'd never see it coming' squad:


tj tapper

Silva, Fedor, Mirko, Hunt, Frye or either of the McCully bros - pick any of the three.

Tank, Sapp, and Silva.

Anyone that wouldn't pick Tank is just silly.

Chuck Liddell and Bas Rutten doing most of the damage, and Bob Sapp just to make half of them turn around and run for their lives before a punch is thrown.

randy, chuck and bas. tank and shamrock would be good alternates