Bar regulars (aka creepos)

There's a regular creepo at my favorite club. I go there once a week to
watch my buddy's band play and it's a nice halfway through the
workweek thing. The problem is, a creepo is always there.

There's a guy there who's in his late 20's and he's known as Creepy
Corie or Big Red (known for his red jacket he wears every time). I've
seen him sitting at the bar on any given day after 5. He hits on the
waiting staff and bartenders with no shame. Out of pity, we made the
mistake of asking him to sit down with us one day. Now Big Red finds
us every time we're out and creeps. He tends to say some offensive
things to any ladies who join us. He's one of those guys who doesn't
understand that he's Big Red to the entire club.

Last time I saw him, he pretty much broke down with a few tears saying
that he's having trouble finding a girlfriend.

Do I help this kid out and tell him that he needs to change his ways?
First off, getting rid of the Big Red jacket?

Life coaching for creepos

Yeah start off by telling him he needs to break away from the routine, because its making him a social outcast....find a way to tell him that in a non-asshole way.

ok, out with it. what's big red's screenname?

solid, dude, how did you get to meet herman li? you gotta tell me about that one. just send me a message so we dont hijack the thread if you dont mind

Will do DyingBreed