Bar to watch Pride in Tampa?

I'm on holiday in Clearwater Florida and we don't have
In demand. Where can I watch pride in the Tampa area?
I'm actually staying in Clearwater.

Thanks in advance

Check the "Kerrs Winghouse" locations

big al's catfish shack


LOL at Tampa being the bet bar in Tampa to watch
Pride. Thanks for the other sugestions guys.

Where is Big Al's?



Any winghouse location should air it and it's a great atmoshphere to watch the fights. 

Clearwater huh?  How long are you here for and where are you in from? 

i know wing house shows the ufcs, but no clue about pride....

Anywhere to watch it in Southern California?

Jesus Christ Goku, you do actually know everything.

And Jet I'm here till the 5th and from England. Thanks
for the advice guys, I'll die if I miss this one.

If anyone in the area from the UG is having mates
round to watch it I'll bring beer and help pay for the

Thanks again


email me and we'll watch it at my house...

Have you ever been to or near Glossop, England?


You from Tampa Bay?

The Jungle, 3703 Henderson Ave., 877.3290

If that's the same "The Jungle" I've heard of, you don't want to go there!  


Are they all ghey bars? ..... I knew The Jungle was because at my old job I had to work with some fellas who frequented there.  That is too funny.  


Have you decided where you are going?

i manage a sports bar in tampa and i can tell u there wont be many if any at all unless you get about 30-50 guys together and call them up they wont show it to costly you wouldnt believe me if i told you. Best bet would be winghouse thou.

What bar do you manage....?  If you can tell me