Baran's Breakdown: M-1 Global Semifinals in NJ


"This past Saturday, UFC 117 was not the only MMA show going on.  Over in Atlantic City, NJ at
Bally's Hotel and Casino there was an MMA show put on by some new guys.  Oh, you might have heard of them; M-1 Global

.  If by now, you have not picked up my sarcasm regarding the “new guys” of MMA then stop reading this and get back to your game of Quidditch.

This was my first time attending an M-1 event and I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised and the show far surpassed my expectations.  M-1 even brought Fedor Emelianenko to town for a press conference and to sign some autographs.  This went over very well amongst the MMA purists that were in attendance.  It was a fantastic session with a lot of great questions from the press and fans alike.  I had an absolute blast!  Bally’s Grand Ballroom was rocking from wall to wall with some fired up fans that were ready to see some knock down, drag out fights.  My esteemed colleague, Kahl-One will be posting the video of the press conference and a highlight reel as soon as he is done editing them.  I assure you, it will be worth the wait!"

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