Barao is going to destroy Cruz

Barao is one of the best lighter weight fighters ive ever seen and has been on a rampage plus add the fact he is doing camp at the same time as Aldo both of them will probably be the best versions we've seen. Cruz hasn't fought in 2 years coming off 2 knee surgeries and yes I think Barao would of still beat Cruz before the long layoff. If you guys disagree let me know why. Phone Post 3.0

I tend to agree. In fact even if Cruz was in his prime I don't see him winning unless Barao is injured. Phone Post

I wonder if Dominick's leg can handle the kicks.

This is bad news. Dom needs a tune up fight. Phone Post 3.0

I worry about the injury and layoff. If he's in top form I actually think Cruz has a great style to beat Barao.

I have Barao by 2nd round RNC.  imo he's top 3 P4P

A knee injury with all of the movement that Cruz uses is very bad.

I don't like Dom's chances.

Hope Cruz is healthy and can regain his form cuz this is one helluva matchup Phone Post 3.0

I'm not a big Cruz Fan, thought he lost that last Uriah fight, and I really like barao. But for some strange reason I hope Cruz is able to come back and pull it off. Phone Post

No, Cruz will use his footwork and running away, jabbing and landing maybe one or two takedowns (which Barao will immediately get up from) to point out a boring decision win where he doesn't need to engage.

Don't underestimate Scientology.


I feel like Cruz can wrestlefuck him, but I really really hope I am wrong. Barao is an awesome champion.

With all the variables at play, especially ring rust, the odds are against Dom here in my opinion.

I'm curious to see the odds for this fight. Phone Post 3.0

I predict Cruz gets destroyed within 4rnds

Cruz gets a tune up/#1 contender fight of sorts against another top 10 possibly Faber. Beats that opponent and rematches Barao

Barao comes in over confident, having destroyed Cruz the first time and he ends up losing in a lack luster Dec in which Cruz out jabs him and gets quick takedowns to seal at least 3/5 rnds

UFC decides to have an immediate rematch, which Barao wins in a war of attrition Phone Post

Barao will legkick the shit out of Cruz without mercy. It's gonna mess him up psychologically to boot and I don't think it'll even be close.

Alistair Overeem kicking Brock Lesnar's abdomen after intestinal surgery

Phone Post

If Cruz is 100% his footwork no can defend. Cruz by UD Phone Post 3.0

OP is a newb-tard

DOM gonna Dom Phone Post 3.0

MMA_Maniac - Barao will win.

I understand the physical basis behind people saying Cruz should have a different fight first, but it's not possible unless he relinquishes his title. Can't have both an active champion and interim champion at the same time. What do they think, Cruz comes back as the champ vs a no namer and barao just gives up interim status? Phone Post 3.0
This is completely true. I hope Cruz will pull this out but a 2 year layoff against someone who is so confident and had been murdering people will be tough. Phone Post 3.0