Barbara Brigido: Body A Ten?

Let’s see the girls you fuck on the reg. We can compare.

There’s not a single guy on the OG that would have the confidence to approach her, let alone take her home lol.

How much did you pay for her onlyfans?

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What a sick burn

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Pump your brakes kid. I am sure there are several of us who have done better than her on this forum. I am one of them.

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There is also hotter escorts than her.

So many simps out there when they see a decently attractive chick no hotter than a hooker who would bang you for $200.

Sex with a hot chick is nothing special.

The thirst is real with these simps…

Very hot but I agree that I’ve seen hotter girls posted. I think the best part of her is the torso, from stomach up to mid-neck not including arms. Boob job looks well done. Her legs are weird.

I need some hips


Says the delusional middle aged guy who posts on an internet chat room.

Sure thing bubba lol.

Girl in 6th pic on last instagram frame is easily hotter than Brigido.

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White Knight / Virgin alert. Trust me have done better unlike you

Lol sure thing bubba. Keep telling yourself that.

Bubba? Lmao

Naturally tight body. She’ll hold up well.