Barbell only workouts?

I'm planning on buying an Olympic barbell w/ 300lbs of wieghts. Anyone has any good workouts they can offer?

As of now I'm thinking this. Deadlift, clean & press, high pulls, & curls (it's the summer I want to at least looked pumped) lol.

My schedules pretty packed & I figured I can benifit a little if I add around 20mins a day or 2 of weights. Any suggestions?

Taku pointed out this website in another thread which I am now following (though slightly modified). The exercises are similar to those that you noted and it doesn't take long to complete, maybe 25 mins on a slow day.

There is a wealth of knowledge on this forum and I'm sure others will also be able to offer alternative solutions too. Other things to consider are other training, eg classes, injuries, specific goals and diet (essential).

That website seems to hit the nail on the head. Thanks!

No problem.