Tell me someone saw that shit.  Clutch ass play by the suns down the stretch despite struggling early shooting the leather ball again.  Gordon torched my boys all night but Barbs won this game for us with 1.7 left and a HUGE three for the 97-96 win.  Im gonna go look for a video.

Stoudemire also came up with clutch play, finishing with 24 points and 18 boards.

Suns shot bad from 3, from the field, from the line, let gordon have a career night, and still won the game.

Great emotional win for my boys.

That was the very definition of stealing a fucking game, lol. I can't even imagine how sick the Chicago fans at the game must have felt when Barbosa hit that 3.

Barbosa's becoming a great player... Doug Collins sure has a hard-on for him.

DC, for three quarters I felt that Chi town deserved that game. Barbs took that shit from them thanks to some other clutch plays from Stoudemire and Diaw.

"Stoudemire also came up with clutch play, finishing with 24 points and 18 boards."

But Ben Wallace (worst fucking offensive player in the history of the game) schooled him on one play with a baby hook! LOL

I'll be at the ACC tonight cheering on your Suns against my Raptors tonight. I'll try to start a "Fire Sam" chant, if that doesn't work than maybe "MVP MVP" for Steve Nash if he gets to the line.

Finally get to sport my Steve Nash retro Phoenix jersey!

Barbosa & Stoudemire making plays and looking great = Steve Nash MVP

Ping, sounds good man. and lol@ that hook, you are right about that one.

alx, did you know that if the Bulls had beat the Suns last night they wouldve been 8-0 when he DNP? Kind of a weird stat.

Dr B is correct. Chicago played Nash about as well as he has been played this season(and in recent memory), and he still had 11 pts and 13 assists.

The thing I really loved is how Barbs didnt celebrate, just stepped back on D. Veteran move.

BTW Chicago this chips away at the 93 Finals Paxson three, but you all still owe me your firstborns.

and I bet when Marion and Bell play well, that will also somehow equate to Nash winning MVP


Of these very good shooters, who has the most jacked up form (release and follow-through)?

a. Marion

b. Barbosa

c. Kevin Martin


But who looks looks most like a rodent?

Not our brazillian usher?!

its a trick question. The correct answer is devin harris.

"I saw it of course. lol @ Ben Wallace "schooling" someone with one play. Ben Wallace is far too slow (mentally and physically) to ever school Amare."

You have just answered your own question, Ben Wallace is one of the most over-rated player in the history of the game. He is slow mentally, and physically like you've mentioned ... If he can have one play stick, that all it takes for total pwnage (and in Amare case, he got pwned by Big Ben).

Like his one dimensional career, one play is all it takes for Ben Wallace!