Barboza Makes 130K in bonuses Tonight.


Dude made out like a champ.!

Knockout of the Night -- Edson Barboza
Submission of the Night -- Rousimar Palhares
Fight of the Night -- Edson Barboza vs. Terry Etim


ESPN is running some piece on fighter pay tomorrow or something right?

how was that fotn

 he now has won 4 bonuses in his 4 fights totalling 280,000.

Showtime Kick - In other news Gayweather made $30 million punching a guy trying to hug him.

 Mayweather is a long time undefeated champ with 35 wins, who draws millions of ppv buys per fight. barboza is a guy who even most hardcore fans, who has never sold a ppv and who is barely recognizable and he made 3-400,000 dollars in the last year.

How that got fight of the night I have no idea.