Barboza says he wants a top-5 opponent next. Which one?

Who’s his best shot at a W out of these top-5 contenders in his division?

He could beat any of them besides Max. I’m saying could, not that he’d be favored.

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His best shot is against TKZ. Kattar and Max are both bad matchups for him, though.

Something I haven’t heard anyone say is how much better he looked in his last fight.
I think he’s turned a corner.
His boxing looked soooo much better in his last fight.
That’s has been his biggest weakness. His hands always looked the part but it was deceptive. They really weren’t that good. He needed his kicks. That’s why he got shit out whenever someone would get him moving backwards. He was slipping punches and even cutting angles which he seemingly didn’t know how to do.
I may put a big bet on his next fight.
One of the biggest improvements between fights I’ve seen. That’s when I start paying attention.
I’m not talking about the fight itself. I’m talking about his skillset.
He’s gone from a gate keeper. To someone I can see holding a belt.
This could be one of those massive resurgences that are rare and nobody sees coming.
I’d actually favour him in all those matchups barring Max and could also see him giving him a real run for his money if we see the same improvement in his next fight.


He beats kattar imo

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I think him VS Kattar would be the most exciting of those match ups. I’d want Barboza to win but I might lean towards Kattar winning.

The whole Burgos delayed reaction KO kind of overshadowed Edson’s performance, but I absolutely noticed this. He’s been slowly improving his boxing and his footwork for a while now, you can see it in his last 3-4 fights. In this fight it was the most noticeable. What I did see that I wasn’t seeing at all was like you said using angles and traditional boxing defense. There were a few times I saw him slip a punch and fire back a 1-2. It was impressive. Burgos is the exact type of guy that’s a bad matchup for him but he showed that he’s not the same guy he used to be.

Barboza beats Kattar. He would leg kick him to Bolivia!!! Kattar fights lead leg heavy as he focuses on boxing not muay thai. It would look a lot like Max versus Kattar and I don’t think any of us want to see Kattar take that type of beating again.

Yair, if anybody can get him to show up that is.


Oh I like this fight.

where the f is Yair anyways, after he luckboxed that Zombie win he disappeared.

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I cant remember if the KZ fight was before or after he and Zabit were booked 57 times and didnt fight

I think Edson beats Yair and makes it look easy.

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I think he beats them all besides maybe Max.

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I don’t know. If we see the Ortega that showed up against TKZ, that would be too much for Barboza to overcome, IMO.

That was just a basic 50-45. Barboza would have KO’d TKZ inside 3.

Honestly, you can’t go wrong with any non-Max opponent in the top 5. I’d love to see all those fights.

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It would be an awesome fight to see Barboza vs Ortega

Before and after, it was teased like 10 times in 3-4 years.

I guess his hands did look a bit better in this fight. But unfortunately I still think he’s in trouble with a strong grappler who can get him down. I would love to see him as champ.


He and anyone in the top 5 are super exciting match ups.