Barely pulling out in time

Nicely done…

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The Naked Gun Slapping GIF by IFC

That’s the one I was trying to remember.

We also used to play mumbly peg, which was throwing a knife as close to your friends foot as you could. Or your own foot. Makes no sense in retrospect.

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incorrect. pinch inner thighclose to groin area. no one can keep close guard. that is send shocks of pain through your whole body

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we would play splits. stand legs wide apart and where the knife stuck in the ground, youd move one leg to that spot until your feet got close and closer together. loser was the guy who could throw the knife between your feet. of course the one with the knife in the foot wasnt “really” a winner… makes no sense in retrospect either

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I think we used to call those “cowbites” back in the day.

It’s called creampie… now

I thought mumbly peg was when you spread your hand out on the table and stab a knife between fingers back and forth faster and faster until fail