BARET.........Help please!!!!

I know you used to compete in Judo a lot (still are???) and was wondering what strategy you use when competing in Judo. I know In grappling and jiu-jitsu you just go for the finish. What about in Judo, do you just go for the take down? or do you still just focus on the submission? or both?
And how does training in judo complement your training since in shooto you don't have the gi on?
Thank you very much man!

I just try to drag them to the ground. I usually try not to get my gi grabbed and shoot a double. If we lock up I try do a Tomoenage and drag them down or a jumping armlock. I think it helps me practice my shots from outside because unlike in wrestling everybody stands straight up. It also helps make me rush into armlocks because you don't got enough time to choke guys and the ref is quick to make you stand.

Thank you very much Baret!!! Good luck for your next fights man.