Baret / Tokoro compete Saturday...

ZST is Saturday w/ the following matches w/ my picks. What are yours?

ZST MMA rules I think

Naoyuki Kotani vs Shinya Sato: KOTANI by footlock

8 Man Grappling Tournment

Kentaro Imaizumi vs Hideo Tokoro: TOKORO by submission

Masahiro Oishi vs Ruben Charles: OISHI by submission

Baret Yoshida vs Masayuki Okude: BARET by submission

....I'll go with Tokoro to beat Baret in the finals to win the tourney.


Tokoro over Baret?

Crazy talk imo...

Baret wins the whole thing

Tokoro is gonna have problems with Imaizumi in the quarterfinals, I think. Tokoro is a transitional grappler, but Imaizumi is as good as anyone when it comes to transitions. However, I haven't seen Imaizumi in a grappling only situation...

Shuichiro Katsumura vs. UG member Jason Reinhardt is the 4th quarterfinal.

My picks (if I have the brackets right)...

Katsumura over Reinhardt by submission

Imaizumi over Tokoro by decision

Oishi over Charles by submission

Baret over Okude by submission

Imaizumi over Katsumura by decision

Baret over Oishi by submission

Baret over Imaizumi by submission

And Kotani/Sato goes to a time limit draw in the MMA match.

"I don't understand. Is Tokoro fighting a MMA match against Shinya Sato then participating in the grappling tournament against Imaizumi? If so thats nuts."

Take a look at the MMA rules matchup again.

I have a hard time betting against Baret in sub grappling.

I don't know what'll the scoring be like.... Baret would be the one I'd bet on though