Baret Update from Tokyo

Just wanted to let everyone know that Baret made weight for his match yesterday with no problems. The show is going to start in a couple of hours, and it looks to be a fantastic event. Baret is listed as being match #3 which should be around 500 Japan time. I will try to let you guys know what happens as soon as I can.


Too bad about the result. Hopefully Baret will be back and better than ever soon.

The event just finished and it was pretty good. Baret had one of the most exciting matches of the night and was trading HEAVY blows with Maeda. Maeda was able to catch Baret with a hook to the temple that perfectly placed. Baret also landed some clean blows and rocked Maeda a couple of times.?@Baret is feeling fine and we are going to be training next week already!


Andrew- I keep hearing about Maeda being really good. What would you think of a Maeda vs. KID match?

Would any of you rather have had Baret hug and clinch to squeak out the boooooooring victory???? Not me. The short furious throw down was awesome. Both of them caught each other...unfortunately Baret took a solid right hook to the temple that ended the fight.

Baret, in the long run, a W or L is not as important as what is going on inside of your heart and mind right now. If you have learned what you need to work on (Throw you punches and kicks with more conviction, no more half ass stuff. Also when exchanging punches, you tend to lift your chin up. As Watanabe Sensei says....look through your eyebrows) to become a better fighter next time then you have gained a lot. Also in your heart, you are a true fighter. Through all the big blows being thrown, even though you got stunned 2-3 times in the throw you remember what you told me and Andy in the locker after the fight? You said that you constantly felt that you were going to catch him and drop him.... You did catch him...good. Stopping him in his tracks twice. You know my little brother, that is the exact thing I felt throughout the fight with Igor. In the breif throw down, every punch I threw, I thought,"this is the one that is going to drop him" On the ground I kept thinking that any time now I was going to catch his arm. W or L.....who gives a fuck.....cause I know for a fact that you got HEART!!!!

ttt for baret

TTT for Baret!

ttt for Baret! His fights are always exciting no matter the result.

Kid would kill Maeda.

Awesome. I would always put my money on KID. I just haven't seen Maeda fight.

Thank you Enson for everything. I'll do my best to work on my mistakes. I learned alot from this fight.
It felt good to train at Purebred after my fight. I missed the training it was like battles with everyone. Everyone is an animal at Purebred. Its the best.

Welcome home. I'm glad you liked training at
Purebred. You're welcome anytime. BTW, I'm in
Hawaii until wednesday.



Did you ever see Bushy Hair???