Baret yoshida in GTA AREA!!!!!

There is a good chance Baret yoshida will be teaching classes at any intrested schools next week in the GTA area. if you have a facility and are intrested email me at for details and we'll get him at your academy to do a 3 hours workshop at a great price even cheap bjj guys can afford!!!


claude Patrick

What's he doing in the GTA and how did u hook up with him?

I am all over that Claude!
Please contact me at

he will be doing the first of my
"positional seminar series" instead of going to a workshop and crossing you fingers you'll get what you want.. in these you will know what the topci is and actually learn it and the fundamentals behind it.

Baret would be open guard finishes adn leg attacks!!

after this im looking to bring in the best instructors to cover thier specialty in both gi and no gi.. eg Eddie bravo rubber guard and back attacks since quite a few guys missed his first one and ive had lots or requests.

youve got mail scott

for everyone emailing please include your school info "time of classes and location" so i know what type of schdule im working with..

You have mail:)


thanks mike... as i said witihn the next 24 hours if i ge tenought spots its a GO!!!

if not the seminar series will start by the end of summer and its gonna be great for everyone.

ttt for Barrett and his KILLER GUARD!


Claude you da man!

not yet but im trying :)

so far ive had a great response keep the emails coming if we get enough people its a go...

You got mail Mr. Patrick

ttyl, Greg Compton

You got mail Mr. Patrick

ttyl, Greg Compton

thanks.. keep it up guys were almost there...

hey Greg i didint ge tanytihng send it to my account im leaving work now.

Does anyone know of any links to video clip's of Barrett fighting?

Or, if you have video clips that you can email me, that would be cool





Dates? Times? I'd love to come!