Baret Yoshida tape - great!

lol.. just noticed the name goof.

Wasn't he married to Liz Taylor?


Bolo reviewed the Spider Guard tape was disappointed. i think u might be able to find his review on his forum.


took out my notebook and read what I had written down from Baret´s tapes and here comes a little review...

The tape has some interview clips, lots of sparring footage (some the same as in the others)

He teaches a straight armlock (not armbar) from guard there. Then the transition to armbar from that. Keylock and kimura from the guard. Then two armbars from back mount. Double-leg on shoulder defence to triangle. Guillotine to triangle. And then open guard when he stands up - 3 sweeps and a single-leg. Then open guard when he comes to pass holding your knees together - kimura, triangle, kneebar, triangle.

Overall some overlap with the other tapes but some really nice techniques that give some ideas. Definately not beginner-level material or material to learn the guard game from. Good for certain points on some subs and combos and for getting ideas to build your attacking game a little.

That´s about it in my opinion...

Indrek R - Is that the review on the third tape?

I think that's a review of just the first tape. I have the third as well, and Baret shows a bunch of other techs on that one. A lot of triangle setups then the opponent is passing the guard in different ways, and a few more armbar and triangle setups from closed guard. Armbar setups when you have his back (turtled)...also a nice kimura/triangle/straight armlock/kneebar attack combo off the guard pass. Stuff that is very hard to describe in words but scenarios that occur all the time in training. As it's been said, probably not the best tape set for beginners, but an intermediate/advanced player will pick up a lot of solid tricks to add to his bag.


So tape 3 shows counters to guard passes? How many counters to guard passes does he show?

No that was the review of the third tape "Defending the guard by attacking" - and there are no counters to guard passes - he shows how to attack when your opponent begins to pass in two ways if I remember correctly...

Indrek R - So he only shows attacks on 2 passes?