Barnett stuffs 'basement dwelling loser' on the UG

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                                Barnett stuffs 'basement dwelling loser' on the UG

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                    <p><strong>IS BARNETT DATING THIS CHICK?<br />

From: chokeyou

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Strikeforce heavyweight tournament contender Josh Barnett loves interacting with his fans on Twitter, and just because he will be in the cage this Saturday (June 18, airing on Showtime), it does not mean that he will be ignoring his Twitter followers for the night. On June 18 from 6:00 pm Central Time until the conclusion of the Strikeforce event, Barnett will be handing over control of his Twitter account, @joshlbarnett, to television star – and Barnett’s friend – Katee Sackhoff (Battlestar Galactica, 24).

Says Sackhoff, who will also be Tweeting photos, “I’ve been a fan of Josh and the sport for years, and I’m looking forward to giving my unique perspective of the event to his Twitter followers. I hope my witty banter is as sarcastically intelligent as his is!”

Adds Barnett, “Let’s hope she doesn’t embarrass me.”

Katee Sackhoff, who can normally be found @kateesackhoff, will next be seen in The Haunting of Georgia, Sexy Evil Genius, and on A&E’s Longmire.


From: Eddy Payeur

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I thought Barnett had a black wife


From: Ron Simpson

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Well he thinks he's black the way he tosses around the N word on twitter..


From: Josh Barnett

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 -We have the same agent/manager (Leland) and have been friends for a while. Some of my best buds are friends with Katee too.

-Never married. Single and like to mingle.

-I have NEVER layed a hand on Shayna and that's a fact. She's my student and an awesome one at that.

-Ron Simpson I have NEVER thrown around the N word and you are trying to take something way out of context to try and throw me under the bus. Some jack-ass on Xbox was talking shit to Rampage and called him a N!#$%! to which 'Page posted the fact and the guy's gamertag on twitter. i referenced an in joke between me and Rampage and retweeted comments from Rampage and another black fighter, Jaime Fletcher. All of it in good humour. I don't know what you question you asked me but if it was as dumb as the shit you post up here, then my sarcasm was warranted and likely more than you deserved.

You can also reference my ex of near 8 years who was black for any indication of how often I may throw around said word. My advice would be to stop while you're ahead. Oh never were ahead. You were always just a basement dwelling loser. My mistake.


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Barnett is right and it's ridiculous he has to defend himself. Why is this news? Just stirring up more TMZ bullshit.

 read the rest here.

I saw the Twitter exchange with Josh an Rampage, the guy went out of his way just to say 'I'm not touching that' (the n-word statement by Rampage). Leave it to this board to create controversy that the man himself would have to clear up.