Barnett vs Fedor

Okay.... this is just a hunch...I believe that Barnett will get his long awaited match with Fedor this BODOGfight... I watched the fight over the weekend and Barnett was used in pre-fight clips talking about the fighters. Sure, that doesn't mean much, but it got the wheels turning, and them more I think about it, the more I think it makes sense. I also know that barnett is not happy about the fertitta take-over and Fedor seems to be in limbo with his contract with Pride... What do you guys think?

I'd love to see it. Part of me thinks if Barnett could control cross sides, he could secure a shoulder lock.

The more intelligent part of me thinks that Fedor will certainly win.

Think Crocop vs. Barnett.

considering josh hates zuffa.... its likely

cro cop vs barnett is not a good comparison of fedor vs barnett. cro cop is a sudden finisher where as fedor is flawless thechniques. fedor i think would tool barnett on the ground which is were the fight would surely go. itd be a great match of styles though. barnett did almost kneebar nog. whens the last time nog was in trouble of being submitted? but then the rematch with nog proved that barnett may still be too weak for fedor.

"fedor i think would tool barnett on the ground"

Fedor knew better than to even hint at attempting a sub on Nogueira in three fights, so I don't know if he'd try it with Josh -- he seems to typically only play any kind of sub game with traditional wrestlers. I hate to say it, but Josh looked slicker with subs than Nog in their two fights.

Barnett,would be a great match,defintly could give Fedor a run for his money.

other than Cro Cop he definitely is the only possible threat

I agree the matchup is a good one...but i should have asked my question more clearly... "what are your thoughts on in barnett vs Fedor in BODOG?"

Yea I think this fight would be a closer fight than many people would suspect...I do believe Fedor would pull off the victory by out wrestling Josh and over powering him on the ground...I would expect Fedor to do all he could to prevent Barnett from taking him down and landing on top...Barnett has the tools to beat Fedor...I just think that Fedor would not attempt many submissions, over power him and grind him out with striking on the ground as well as standing up...would be a heck of a fight though...Barnett is an amazing fighter and I would be very nervous for both fighters...

Fedor by Decision.

Barnett's a catch guy and I think he is superior to Fedor on the ground. In fact, he's the only one that I can imagine who could beat Fedor. Barnett's clinch work against Nastula was surprisingly flat, although his stand-up has gotten better. I think Barnett can sub fedor, but going to a decision would be tough.

fedor also tooled nog on the ground. i didnt say he would sub josh, jost tool him ala russian hammers

"I hate to say it, but Josh looked slicker with subs than Nog in their two fights."

Why do you hate to say it? Positionally Nog had the more dominant moments in fight 1 but over the course of the 2 fights, there were 3 good or descent sub attempts and they were all by Josh. Is Josh the better sub guy than Fedor? I wouldnt argue against that at all though Josh also got taken down by Nog quite a bit in fight 2 where his striking looked great at first but gassed (perhaps fairly due to his hectic fight schedule that year) but at any rate, I have been wanting to see this fight for ages, its a great matchup and Josh has his chances still but simply put Fedor would still be the fav, i think thats all there is to say about that until they fight really.

No way ANYONE tools Josh on the ground..

Fedor included, that being said Josh does not want to be on his back, and Fedor does not want to be on his back either.

The winner will be the guy who gets the top position

"Why do you hate to say it?"

Because Nog's my favorite fighter.

Sadly Josh retired. He's the only one with a shot at the last emperor.

Cro cops only chance is the sudden KO. Which he couldn't get in a 3 round stand up fight before.


First of all, let's assume that a well-rested, in shape Barnett shows up. This may not happen, given his tendency to take fights on too little notice or too often, but let's assume.

If Barnett's wrestling is better than Fedor's Judo, I think he gets on top of Fedor and either leglocks him or grinds out a GnP victory. Barnett was too big and too good for Randy to reverse, and in fact I think Nog is the only person that's ever swept him in mma.

If Fedor's Judo is better than Barnett's wrestling, he either TKO's him with GnP or wins a decision. He's a little better than Barnett standing and he's much better from the top than Barnett is from the bottom.

Everything, I think, comes down to who wins the takedown battle. Both have good chins, both have good striking, both have good subs - and when all else is equal, who winds up on top makes all the difference.