Barnett vs. Lesnar...

...who else thinks this would be killer booking?

Lesnar needs more fights imo!

Barnett would kill him.

attack is correct!

Brock may have some strength advantage here but I'm pretty sure Josh has way too much experience against the big guys.

Barnett "all day"!

geez, Lesnar needs more seasoning. Why is it that every new guy with big potential needs to be thrown to the wolves right away? I see the same thing when people diss Cung le.

Barnett by sub in under 3 minutes.

And the winner fights Warcraft!

Stand up goes to Barnett. Wrestling is a toss up, i'd probably give the edge to Lesnar.

barnett can sub lesnar anytime anywhere any way he wants to. doesn't matter if lesnar takes him down, barnett subs him easily

This would be a total mismatch at this point. Easy submission win for Josh.

There's also these ones...

Barnett would struggle against Lesnar's freak strength for a round or two, but I don't see Brock being able to finish him. Then Barnett catchs him with a toe-hold or Kimura and it's over.

"Then Barnett catchs him with a toe-hold or Kimura and it's over."

Agreed. Barnett by DOUBLE-WRIST LOCK, TOP-WRIST LOCK, TOE-HOLD, any of numerous chokes... I guess I mean Barnett by whatever he wants.

LOL at the second two pairs of JOSH BARNETT actionfigures. great likeness on the first one, and fantastic heir on the second.

attjack is correct

We'd have to see how powerful those shots are from a top position. If we'd see Lesnar making an Antonio Silva or someone just as big tapping due to GnP shots, as opposed to ref stoppage, then we'd be talking. I'm not ready to pronounce Lesnar as the comic book counterpart of Juggernaut or the Hulk just yet.

barnett by double wrist lock