Barnett vs Sergei in Hero's

Who takes this one?

I agree.

Still, it's a big fight between two top flight heavys

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^^ Arona, Paulo Filho, BTT members, Most of Pride big names should end up in K-1 ! ! ! !
It's funny, Hero's promotes the shit outta Kid Yamamoto, and Kid isn't even talked about on the UG because of so many fucking noobs don't know who he is.

Kid is jocked here nearly as much as the heavyweight holy trinity.

Im always iffy about picking Barnett against guy with good standup.

Barnett tends to take a beating before getting the takedown in every single fight he has against a guy with good standup. As accurate as Kharitonov is he might end up KO'ing Barnett before he manages to take him down.

That being said, Barnett will probly get the crap beat out of him for a few minutes before scoring a takedown and winning by TKO due to strikes.

I am pulling for Sergei though...guy has the potential to be the best heavyweight in the division but has some big holes in his game he needs to fill out.

Great hands (awesome jab and right cross), great G&P, and some good submissions. However he seems lost when ever he ends up on his back.

Either way it should be a interesting fight.

Barnett does get his ass kicked a lot, and then comes back to win. However, if he fights smart he can win this easily, like he did against Hunt. Like Einux said, Kharitonov looks lost on his back.

Probably not. But he can.

Barnett is sick on the ground, regualer bjj guys are not used to his movements and his leg attacks are the best in the world at heavywieght.

Isnt pedro rizzo the only guy to finish josh on the feet?

Can't find the source for this match-up. Anyone know?

Prides big name roid users will have to go to K1

"Prides big name roid users will have to go to K1"

The fight is in the U.S.

"Prides big name roid users will have to go to K1"

Cum now, you aren't foolish enough to think that other fighters of other organizations are not taking vitamin S.
Or are you one of Dana's little boy toys?

Who has Sergei ever beaten to be considered a top flight heavy? His biggest win was a decision over Werdum in a fight that was as bad or worse than Werdum/Arlovski. Other than that he got owned by Alistair and KO'd by Aleksander.

Sergei has looked pretty bad recently even giving up mount. He does this with Josh and it's over. Josh should win this pretty handily. rumour section

Barnett by Triple Whammy


I'd take Barnett in this one.