baroni and kimbo vid from extreme

looks like kimbo is taking this seriouly

Baroni's arms look huge!

What gym is Kimbo training out of in these vids? Is this in Los Angeles, CA?

I actually watched all the videos in that channel. Nice site, great line up of videos. Some oldies but goodies in there too.

Jesus Baroni looks fuggin enormous.

let's see Baroni vs Lindland again

Damn, Phil looks big. How's he gonna carry all that muscle around for 3 rounds?

kimbo pummeling baroni sounds so nice but isnt that great

Im gonna smash Shamrock..

End of story.


Phil B

Phil, Got a Hundi for ya if you submit him instead of smashing

That would be classic.

Phil B Doesn't fuck around.

I pray you are right Phil. My guess is that you will, however, I am worried that he will pull out before you get a chance.

He's 31, he can get a good two years of training and still have another good 5 years fighting. Rampage is currently the only UFC champ under the age of 30.

i love the beyonce music in the background!

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All your Hawaii Fans & friends are rooting for you, Kick ass Phil!

They need better workout music, that's all I'm saying