Breaking news!!!! Baroni blew his groin 30 secs into the fight!!


wrong....he said 30 seconds into it.

and he blew Shamrocks during

"Breaking're wrong.
It happened during the fight."

OOhh burn. Feel the pain.

Baroni blows groin?... I know, I saw the Team Quest video.

blown groin -- torn acl

still bested tonight

BARONI got his ass kicked.

im sure it wasnt the 1st time

"That's probably because of steroids. He has shrunk his balls and makes it easier to slip sheet into his ball sacs."

I knew like 5-6 people just like Baroni when i was a trainer, and two of them had hernias within that time. one of them had his right in the middle of the gym -- during peak hours -- minutes after he was trying to mess with me when I was with a (hot female) client, which made me smarmily remind him that he was using too much weight, and that his form sucked. he was doing the hammer strength lateral raise machine, improperly adjusted, with about 80 lbs on each side, and essentially hopping up in his seat and screaming to get the weight up, which isn't a very good idea. (Especially when you have blotchy, purple skin and Dick Tracy villain type moon face from bad steroids, you never do cardio or stretch, and you scream all day)

Oh, that sound...I don't know if it was the actual tear , or if he managed to make such a disgusting noise with his mouth. Regardless, you haven't seen a sad sight until you've witnessed a 6'5, 250 lb. 35-year-old guido who not only reeked of Drakar Noir, but also had thinning hair (the funny looking kind, as he still thought he could do the 70s John Travolta look) AND the huge arms/skinny ass legs combo, while he cries/screams like a girl...surrounded by orange mutant people in hideous spandex and those stupid Otomix weight lifting shoes.

yes, that was a mess of a paragraph, but I'm just trying to be descriptive while also laughing my ass off. thank you for making me remember that.