Baroni: Gordo?

I heard about BSF's thread showing a full gordo pic. of Phil Baroni. I don't believe it. How could he have gone from ripped to Bobish in only what, two 1/2 months?

Is this true?


So he is fat?


Phil Baroni is a bodybuilder and wrestler.

Bodybuilders and wrestlers are very good at controlling their bodies. They know how to go up in weight, down in weight, cut, bulk, etc. . .

It is true that Tanner will get KO'ed.


What is the basis for this allegation exactly? Is it the word 'guinea'?

If that's the case, he should lay-off the baked manigott and canollis.


He's he's not "Gordo", he's "Grasso".

I'm sure he'll make weight come June, but that yo-yo dieting just isn't healthy.

It's hard to tell if he is "fat" or not because of the way his shirt is hanging. It's on the "Don't feed Phil!" thread.

Ya, I saw that. He sure looks gordo to me. Shirt or no shirt.

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