Baroni had the same thing which happened to me!

I Never ever mentioned how i got my small foot (size 7) caught in that space where the cage wall meets the floor canvas at UFC 127 against Zhang. Im sure a Gif would show it. Anyone who knows me, knows i hate Excuses! So, i never mentioned it. My ankle got caught and i lost my balance and Zhang did a great job, taking advantage of this, jumping on my neck like flippin' Spiderman, choking me unconcious. So congrats to him. This was so hard and frustrating to keep quiet. I took pictures of my ankle after the fight and thank the good lord it was just extremely swollen for weeks after, and my ankle didn't "Snap" like what happened to Phil a few days ago in ONE FC. I wish Baroni a fast recovery! Sometimes there's not Excuses, but explanations.

You know the rules... Phone Post 3.0

Never broke an ankle, but I have sprained them pretty bad. So I have some idea of what it feels like.

It sucks. Where ever Phil is right now, one thing is for sure. That ankle is aching like a motherfucker.

Hope it all heals quickly and he gets back in there as good as new.

Always been a Baroni fan. Always will be a Baroni fan.

of course i know the rules. whats that have anything to do with the price of eggs?

Post the pics Jason. Gotta suck when shit like that happens cause it always leaves you wondering "what if?". Agree with you in the not everything is an excuse, it can simply be an explanation. Phone Post 3.0

I dont wanna see because ill have to unsee!


talk to zuffa about it, seriously, before someone does get baronid

It turned my stomach watching that happen to Phil.

"I've felt worse."
-Windy Tomomi

Google it, bitches.

thanks. I'm computer illiterate and never would have known how to post that. lol. Damn...that's painfull to watch. lol. Fly 2O hours to Australia after training so damn hard for weeks away from home, and get choked unconcious in 48 seconds. It never leaves you.

BJ Penn forever, Me too man, I hated seeing this happen to Phil. When I watched it, it brought back memories and I immediately wondered if that's what happened as far as Baroni getting his ankle jacked up in that crack.

Ranier, Nah bro. It's all good. I never said anything to anybody except my brother to be honest. It sure isn't the UFC's fault. I lost that fight fair and square with Ankle getting caught up in the crack and losing my balance or not!

91w, I wouldn't have the slightest idea how to post the pick of my jacked up swollen ankle. Mine is nothing compared to poor Baroni's. DAMN! I feel bad for him!

armbarring, lol

Diaz'sBong, It's all fun and games, til' someone get's hurt! lol. Your's happened because you took a big Bong ripper! That's what Ryan Caraway said! ha ha

Brian Caraway...not Ryan. Whatever his name is. The dude that hates weed. that dude. lol

Evilmaster, Ya, Phils going to be hurtin' for awhile. Mine was just swollen good size, pretty painfull. No comparison to Phils. I sure hope he heals fast. How can you not love Phil Baroni? #straight up WARRIOR~!

Shit like that happens (ankle caught in between floor and fencing) Just watch Rich Franklin vs Aaron Brink in the IFC.

your an idiot bernard. If only they had an IQ test to let you post on this site.

Jason, thanks for the insight. Always interesting.