Baroni: 'I want my piece of the pie'

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                                Baroni: 'I want my piece of the pie'

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"Randy Couture has a legacy. Wanderlei Silva has a legacy. Chuck Liddell, guys like that who have been champions, they have legacies. For me, I'd say I want my piece of the pie.

"It used to be if I'd see someone with a Tapout t-shirt five or six years ago, they'd nod at me because they know who Phil Baroni is. Now everyone and their brother has a Tapout shirt on, and they don't know half the fighters in the sport. It's a different time. A lot of guys made a lot of money and got a lot of exposure off the sport I dedicated my life to. I'm not going to lie, I'm happy for those guys, but I want my piece. It's my turn now."

It's maybe a little too fitting that Baroni will get one last chance to breathe some life back into his career on New Year's Day. It's the kind of thing that, if it were a movie, would be perfect to the point of being annoying.

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Monsters Ball - Many hearts are with you Phil.

Adrian: There's one thing I want you to do for me.

Rocky Balboa: What's that?

Adrian: Win...

Adrian: Win!

You forgot the best part..


And yes.. WAR NEW YORK FUCKIN BADASS. My boys and I are more excited for your fight than any other fight on the card.

You have no legacy because you've done nothing to earn one. Go away.


rjhartman - You have no legacy because you've done nothing to earn one. Go away.
GTFO imbecile!

*lays egg Phone Post

Baroni's legacy was his win over Menne in UFC and then over Minowa in Pride.That was his piece of the pie but that pie has been long gone.


Legacy! It's yours! Take it! Phone Post


GO BARONI!!!!!!!1

No joke, I really undestand what Baroni is saying and what he means/ where he is coming from.

Baroni has been around since the start. He has been in some crazy fights. Dude is all heart.

i hope baroni wins on sat

rjhartman - You have no legacy because you've done nothing to earn one. Go away.

09ers gonna 10

fuck you bro. Baroni is/was a warrior.

I think its a huge test for Tavares. I like Tavares, but i gotta go with baroni on this one

Chris723 - Brennan, I just want to tell you thank you for kicking McKee's head off of his shoulders.
I hope I get to do it again...


Baroni will never be next level. Even when he was fighting Toughman he couldn't win it. Luckily for him he has a huge personality. His fights are fun to watch though. Phone Post

if you dont know baroni and you follow the sport even as a casual, you're a fuckin dummy

go phil its ya birfday

rjhartman - You have no legacy because you've done nothing to earn one. Go away.

 VTFD... What is your legacy? What have you done? What have you EVER done that required you to put your heart, soul, body and mind on the line? Anything?? Have you ever put yourself on the line for anything? My guess is that the furthest you ever put yourself at risk was hiding in your mother's closet and beating off in one of your illeterate father's dress socks hoping you wouldn't get caught!

Talking shit to a fucking legend, you should be banned from breathing!

Never said he wasnt a warrior, never said he didnt leave it all in the cage when he comes to fight. I'd love to see mma fighters (Baroni included) get paid or their "piece of the pie", what they deserve. But to include himself in the same breath with the 3 fighters he named is delutional. He keeps getting 2nd chances with the big organizations when younger, more skilled, more DESERVING fighters are still toiling away at some fairgrounds in BFE. And Teufel Hunden (devil dog) all I do everyday when I punch in to work is feed and water 1500 convicted felons, no putting your ass on the line there.

Monsters Ball - 
ChokeEmOut - ^^You are a fucking dick that should be banned. Someone VTFD Phone Post



Take your piece Phil!