Baroni interview bringing more dog 2 the dog fight

Its about his fight with Amir and how he got back in the UFC. I guess its on and its official.

I think strike force tried to skrew him first

hmm. how did he screw strikeforce? was his contract up, and he chose not to renew? did it have an opt-out clause? or was it simply open-ended enough that he was able to go fight for the ufc and put off his remaining strikeforce obligation indefinitely?

Crooklyn - Can't wait to see Phil back in the UFC.  So excited for his return.

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Good fight

He didnt screw anyone.  Scott Coker and Phil are still good friends. 

 I can still picture Phil dancing when the ufc called :)  enjoy

he'll be entertaining for sure

Phil and Tito on the same card
loving it