Baroni Manager On Failed Drug Test exclusive:'s own Chris Howie caught up with Phil Baroni manager Ken Pavia to discuss the breaking report from earlier which detailed Baroni's failing of a drug-test for the Frank Shamrock fight on the Strikeforce/EliteXC show back on June 22, 2007.

Ken Pavia stated, "while we respect the process and intent of the test we are disappointed with the results as they are completely unexpected."

In response to the two drugs that were found in the California State Athletic Commission results, Pavia says, "Phil did not knowingly ingest these drugs which we are told are veterinary in nature."

Pavia continued, "We intend to exercize all rights that are afforded by the state commission and Armondo Garcia."

In regards to Baroni's reaction to the unfortunate news, Pavia offered the following comment: "Phil Baroni feels that worse then any fine or suspension is the disgrace associated with the positive test to himself, his family and fans." Pavia continued, "As such he asks that judgement be withheld until all facts are in evidence."

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"Phil Baroni feels that worse then any fine or suspension is the disgrace associated with the positive test to himself, his family and fans."

He wouldn't have felt bad had he won and slipped through the process clean.

This is his second major suspension. First one being from punching at Landless. Can't remember how long that went on for though.

I guess Pavia expects us to unknowingly ingest his bullshit.

How do you accidentally take horse steroids?

Yes, Winstrol is a horse steroid. It it technically called Winstrol-V. It is very very very hard to get your hands on the human version of this because it really has no medical purpose. It is a cutting steroid.

I didn't say breaking news, I said exclusive. That's the statement he gave us and at the time I put it up on the site it was nowhere else to be found.

If he put the statement on here himself, I had no idea so yeah that'd be my mistake there.

this from the guy who knowingly faked Vitale's physicals for the IFL, lol. You guys will soon learn what a piece of work he is...

"this from the guy who knowingly faked Vitale's physicals for the IFL, lol."

George, can you back this statement up with proof that he did what you say he did? If not i'll go ahead and delete it because its a pretty scandelous allegation. 

why am I suddenly hearing Dr Evil saying, "Riiiiiiiiiight."??

Has any MMA fighter won an appeal with CSAC or NSAC? Didnt Nate test
again and come up clean? Or was that a rumor?

having your manager say that you didn't knowingly ingest the vet steroids just makes you look worse. i would respect phil if he publicly came clean and decided to start over drug free.

BB, talk to Mr. Kurt Otto and he will confirm it. Do you actually think I would make that up?If you have any other questions about it, please offline email me and I will answer anything else...

Didn't you ask Ken to rep one of your buddies FG?

Marquardt did test pos for steroids, andro I believe. He managed to overturn the suspension so perhaps the 2nd sample was clean. I doubt taking a supp that could cause a positive would get you out of a suspension. Most athletic commissions require you to clear a supp.

But maybe the Gamma-O was responsible, LOL. As for them being vetinary steroids yes but they are used by roiders and there are a few OTC supps that contain prohormones that would lead to positives for the aforementioned steroids. It's possible that Phil took these products either knowingly or not and they caused him to piss hot. I'm not sure if that would get him out of the suspension though.

I'd like to hear Phil's comments as he does visit this board.

My fav line...."which we are told are veterinary in nature"

I like the fact that it infers that Phil would not even be aware that Equopoise is a horse drug...

And i don't mean that in a derogatory way.  Our man with a plan Ken Pavia using the english language to his advantage...

wow, baroni just step down... thanks hammer house

LOL @ Hoid House...

So I wonder who paid the commission to setup Baroni?...Gee I wonder?

I'll give Baroni the benefit of the doubt, just based on the absolute fact that the commissions are paid douchebags with an agenda. And slandering the Elite XC group is HIGH on there list of shit to do.

I'm in a pissy mood, so I'll admit that I am trolling for a fight...But...

I do think Phil would be experienced enough to not have it in his blood come test time. He's not a noob. And that's a noob mistake.

But if he did Cheat...That just fucken sucks.

Edit: Ahh brother indeed...81 it is. :)