Baroni/Ninja Update

Sherdog radio just reported that as per Armando Garcia, Ninja and Baroni have been cleared to fight.

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Interesting that they noted the report of the UFC sending the CSAC Baroni's MRI was erroneous. Kind of makes everyone who jumped to conclusions look a little foolish.


"A report surfaced Tuesday on that Baroni's participation was in jeopardy after the UFC faxed an MRI from 2004 to the California State Athletic Commission. However, CSAC Executive Officer called the report erroneous, saying the faxed MRI came from Strikeforce promoter Scott Coker. "

I think we should totally blame Zuffa for the heat in the southwest and the floods in the central plains as well.

Why would Armando blame Scott Coker for sending the MRI? He has nothing to gain from it.