Predictions? I say Baroni beats the hell out of Shamrock much to Dana White's delight (Frank's comments about Dana ruining the sport were very stupid and are deserving of a beating)...I Haven't heard much about Shamrock as of late but I hear that Phil is already under 195 lbs. and is in awesome shape right now (supposedly at least as good if not better shape than he was in for his last fight in Pride) and still has 8 weeks left to go!!....if that is true then I say that NYBA gives Frank a Menne or Kondo type of beating that will haunt Frank real bad and maybe retire him. I think that an improved and in top condition Baroni will be way too much for Shamrock...the sport has evolved quite a bit since Frank was Champ and its hard to stay on top of the MMA learning curve while you aren't actually is an interesting match-up however...hell you gotta give him some props, the man did beat many top guys including Tito!...and i'm sure he has improved since definately is an interesting match-up!....what does everyone think?...the rest of card is pretty good too...I'm really looking forward to seeing this event!......check out the site....


If Baroni comes in shape, he'll beat Shamrock, however I've neve seen baroni not gassed in a fight that went past the second round. Please, be ready Baroni.

Baroni by life threatening KO R1.

hopefully baroni murders that dipshit

Baroni by decapitation.

wow about everyone is picking baroni

while baroni does have a decent chance for a ko, I think frank will weather the storm and defeat a gassed baroni

frank has fought people of similar ko power and prevailed

baroni loses most of his power when he gases and, fortunately for frank shamrock, he gasses all the time

frank via gassed baroni rd 2 or 3(how many rounds are in this fight? I'll say rd 3 by ref stoppage via sub if there are 3)

As much as I want the NYBA to take off Frank's head, I see Frank by third round sub. PLEASE be ready Phil......

Frank has a good chin and has always been a guy who could take a tremendous amount of punishment.

I think he will beat phil late in the fight.

"Frank has a good chin and has always been a guy who could take a tremendous amount of punishment.
I think he will beat phil late in the fight."

This is what is scary about Frank. I hope Phil is in shape. BTW, NYBA watch out for the knees to the head from cross side.


Hopefully Baroni by nasty KO. Maybe that'll shut Shamrock up for a while.

If Phil's head is clear and hes ready, he absolutely decapitates Shamrock all day

To all the people picking Baroni: What are you basing you pic on?!!

Yes, Frank hasn't been active at all, except for his mouth, for years. He also hasn't lost a fight since 1997, is TEN TIMES the skilled fighter Baroni is, and has only ever been KO'd once, by Kondo, 12 years ago!!

Frank will win this fight. If he doesn't punk out, claim an injury or do anything else stupid or obnoxious, and actually gets in the ring in June, he'll win.

I would love to see Baroni take this one, however I'd put my money on Shamrock.

what are we basing this on??

Frank Shamrock's 5 win streak in the UFC has completely blinded everyone. He didn't run through top notch competition like Shogun, Fedor, or Hughes has.

Mark my words, Phil comes in pumped up, in shape, with a level head, Frank shamrock leaves on a fuckin stretcher

^^^ I LOVE IT........war baroni !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Baroni will beat him into the living death

I think that Phil is one of the most underrated fighters in the game. He has fought much better quality competition, was only stopped once (and was way ahead when he got caught in choke)...other than that he is the only guy in MMA to have more than 12 fights in either UFC or Pride and never get KO'd (tito, chuck, randy, vanderlei, cro-cop, hughes, st. pierre, lindland etc...have all been KO'd)...He may be one of the only Middleweights today capable of beating the unstoppable Matt Lindland...he has only lost to 5 guys and 4 of them were ranked top 10 at the time he lost...and besides all that his losses were surrounded in controversy and tough circumstances going on in his life at the time (the 4 fight skid in the UFC before he left was riddled in incredible life circumstances...there will be a book coming out detailing the story of what Phil went through that the general public doesn't know)...We'll see as I said it's an interesting fight....for anybody who think Frank Shamrock is a push over is sadly mistaken, there is a reason he was the champ and beat top guys like Tito...Frank is a tough bastard!....However I think a finely tuned (both mentally and physically) Baroni is VERY dangerous for any 185 lbs fighter in the world. Since 2004 Phil has had 2 loses by to a guy he beat, the other to the Pride champion who took out Henderson in Dan's first and only loss at 185...and since 2004 Phil has had 6 fights he won that ended in stoppages (4 of those by devastsating KO)....he is better than people think....especially if he is at his all time best, which rumor has it he is....But Shamrock is a bad dude and i'm sure after his last outing knowing he is fighting someone who can seperate him from consciousness very quickly, i'm sure he'll be ready for war as its the biggest fight of his life....its the biggest fight of both of their lives...should be very interesting.