Baroni - Pride and UFC

I always rooted against him in the UFC and always root for him in Pride.


I wonder what kind of pay days he is making now in Pride.

I was at UFC 30 when he fought Curtis Stout and that is when I decided I did not like him, but I like him now.

i imagine he is making a LOT more than he would in the UFC. especially since he's knocking everyone the fvk out.

Does anyone know how Pride pays? Meaning, do they pay fighters lump sums or do they pay to fight and more to win like the UFC does?

Somehow, I am under the impression that PRIDE pays lump sums.

Didn't Ricco say he got 80k for the Nog fight?

Pride just pays for the fight - thats it - no incentive to win.

The UFC needs his personality. When his Pride contract is up they need to pay him.

Money has nothing to do with it.

Check out

Baroni: Don't call it a comeback - by Michael DiSanto

If you don't know now you know.


Phil B

Been lookin good lately Phil... Keep it up and stay healthy. Jon

ttt for Phil himself chiming in with the legit 411.

Hybrid Jon thanks alot. Shits good training hard, ready to fight yesterday.

Get your ass in the gym. There are alot of shows these days.

I cant wait for the GP.


Phil B

Are guys on this board trying to drive all the pro away? If you don't have a real question or comment for him, STFU!

Like the NYBA or hate him, but he comes to fight every time and he always brings excitement. Can't say that for many fighters. And he posts here.

TTT for the NYBA!

In case you missed it here's Baroni taking out Kondo...

mikelough - Why would you say that. I started this thread and said I wasn't a big fan in the UFC days, but didn't disrespect him like that.

Why do that kind of thing. Don't you want the pro's to keep coming on the board and drop threads every now and then.

I just do not fucking get why fucktards like you even post.

Oh, and before you throw the big "fuck you" on me, let me start by saying "fuck you"

Hey Baroni! You were down for a while and you came back better & stonger than ever. Have to admit, wasn't a fan before, but your last fight made a believer out of me. NYBA has come back badder than before and he's in the MUTHERF*CKIN HOUSE!

I don't doubt that you had to work hard to get back at the top. I HAVE MUCH RESPECT FOR YOU.

Thanks for the support.


Phil B

MIKELOUGH, PLEASE shut the fuck up. Why do you guys insist on running off big name fighters?

Baroni if your reading bro your looking fierce in that ring keep up the good work


Congrats on your winning ways. I have to admit I didn't like you at first, but now after seeing your "neve die" attitude I am a fan.

Keep on whoopin ass Phil!