Baroni puts it to rest!!!

Apparently the guy doesn't have the beef everybody used to think he had with Lindland.

I have to put this post on blast because he comes off as a guy who's really matured.


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Date: 05/03/07 12:29 PM
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Lindland is tough as fuck...........

The guy proved he will fight and take it to anyone...

 You got to take your hat off to the guy............


Phil B



In FightSport magazine he called Lindland the toughest competitor he's ever faced.


Dude, did you have to do this to MY thread? ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

And you KNOW what I'm talking about.

Phil said Lindland and Tanner are tough after they're fights. I'm sure both of those guys said the same thing about Phil.

Expose Lindland?

Expose what exactly?


I'm exposing that Phil still won't fight Matty Mo!


"Expose Lindland? Expose what exactly?"

Don't do it. Let it go.

I believe CRE has a micro implant already in his hand that automatically alerts him to Threads he can troll with his garbage.

Just my .02



No worries my man!

"That is why I post this ABE, eventually Lindland will see this. Then he can quit ducking the UFC, where he had a harder time winning than the IFL."

I see. I thought you'd give my threads a break but I guess not....


CRE, shut up and DIE!!!!

It is amazing how CRE works his Franklin nuthuggery into every thread.

how do you act like CRE and not hate yourself? who has the desire to act like he does day after fucking day? Even if he is just acting like a total tool why would anyone do that 30 times a day for over a year? get some help man.

Sorry Abe. I don't know what I was thinking. We're still soul brothers right?

"Sorry Abe. I don't know what I was thinking. We're still soul brothers right?"

  • Gives FIVE on the black hand side *

Someone should just post that gif of Franklins face everytime CRE posts

Lindland has five losses ... Terrell, Fedor, Quinton Jackson, Busta & Vitale (when he KO'd himself and then avenged that loss.)

He holds wins over alot of tough guys too. To say he is the most overrated fighter is kind of overstating things. He's a skilled fighter who is tough as hell and has tons of heart.

Plus his "little" fights with Jackson & Fedor well...that's just a fighter being a fighter and not worrying about size, or odds. How can you not respect that???