Phil's new shirt is now available at, just
head into our store. Thanks!

Those will be tuff to keep in stock, LOL.


i thiught this was gonna be a joke

LOL @ losing yet another fight and then advertising T-shirts.

Guess I should make sure I still got that Enron stock around...

The other shirts on that site fucking rock!



get your baroni shirt at

I`ve seen several of them in the "clearance" section in all kinds of K-Mart`s & Wall Mart stores.

I want the shirt that says

"I got my ass kicked by a hillbilly and all I got was this lousy shirt"

I wonder if Phil is back down at the car wash dancing for nickles ?

lol! You guys are hilarious! I knew the one liners would be
pouring in! hey, what can I say, purebred and fokai will
continue to support phil no matter what.

Very Nice looking website !
All the best wishes in the future.