How should Baroni or Tanner prepare for this upcoming fight? Should they change tactics or continue with the tactics used in their previous fight?

Phil is a shockingly bad wrestler. Tanner will take him down, mount him, and roll those elbows.

And I'll be laaaaauuughing!!!!!!!!

Tanner should not try and trade at first like last time. Phil is extremely dangerous early when he is fresh. Take him down and wear him out on the ground.

Tanner should be training better standup defense and clinch setups (especially the clinch setups). I think once he has the clinch he almost has a done deal.

Baroni should be working his cardio like a madman. There's not much he can do in the short term about being less skilled in every area except standup than Tanner. He should just exploit his strength, and try to develop the gas to go longer.

Hopefully Baroni will get messed up badly though.

"Baroni should come out blazing"

I agree. I think if Phil comes out fast and aggressive he will have a quick KO. He stunned tanner a couple of times early in their last fight and had him quite wobbly but never followed up on it. And hopefully baroni has been working on his ground game.

Baroni by KO.

I wouldn't say easy win for Baroni, but he's comin out to win this fight, no question. He sees Tanner as done. He's got the mental edge in ways people don't predict.

Baloni by KO, round 1.

Phil should go back to hard core wrestling in training

Lol. You got some inside info there buddy? Because cadio's been a problem for Baroni his whole career.

How would you suggest Baroni improve his cardio? Will it always be a weakness?

Tanner will survive the initial onslaught and then ground and pound Baroni to victory.

Cardio will be fundamental to both.

As for Tanner specifically, he should improve standup defense.
Watch for the right hand and not turn his back or take eyes off
opponent when getting hit. Tanner has more of a tendancy than
other fighters to let his opponents see his pain.

Also, I think Tanner needs to improve his upperbody strength to
ensure he's not overpowered by Baroni.

Baroni needs to work more cardio. Defend knees in clinch and
work takedown defense.

Unless Baroni KO's Tanner in 1st Round, I see Tanner winning this
in similar fashion to the last fight.

This fight could go either way. Baroni can't do shit on his back and Tanner has a very suspect chin. Both guys weakness play right into the other's strong points.

If Baroni stuns him he should follow up right away. he should also stick and move, keep Tanner off him. I think hes a good enough wrestler to defend the first takedown attempts but eventually he may tire.

Having trained for several fights ina row with marc laimon, I was surprised phil couldn't get off his back.

LOL at Phil having no ground. He has a ground he was too gassed to use it vs. Tanner so he tried to just hold on once it went to the ground.

Trust me, Phil has a ground game his cardio just never allows him to show it. Look at the 2nd fight with Lindland, Lindland couldnt hold him down the 1st round til the end. Imo Phils cardio was horrible bc he didnt have a team behind him. He had great cradio vs. Suloev and I am sure vs. Menne although we didnt see it. He was with a team then. A place to train everyday and a strong support system. He is with a team again, his cardio will be strong, watch. Tanner is in some shit.

Tanner is not leaps ahead of Phil on the ground. Anyone else notice last time Tanner couldnt even get the fight down until Phil was gassed up against the cage with his corner yelling at him to "get off the fence Phil"

"Phil is a shockingly bad wrestler. Tanner will take him down, mount him, and roll those elbows.
And I'll be laaaaauuughing!!!!!!!! "

Where do you get your info from? Phil was a D1 wrestler. Phil won the Naga advanced nationals in 2000. He almost tore Kip Kollar's head off with a headlock submission. Know what your talking about dude

Phil can wrestle his ass off, which instead of being a meathead going for the quick ko and gassing, he should use his wrestling and get dominant position ALA Suloev.