Baroni...UFC 185lb gatekeeper

It seems like that is the only reason he is still in the UFC. He had a few exciting wins but have lost the last few. Others dont get to come back after one loss. I honestly think that each division need one or two gatekeeper to build up the fighters as they come in the UFC. When you match 2 promising new fighters against each other as their 1st fight in the UFC, you run out of good fighters real quick and they dont get any build up towards fighting for the title.


I actually dont have any problem seing him keep fighting in UFC. He brings excitement even though he's on a loosing streak. I just see him as a gate keeper since he is not in any position for a title shot but he can keep out people who doesnt belong in the UFC. If you are gonna have a gate keeper, it's gotta be like Baroni who likes to bang and exciting to watch but not quite to top guy in the division. Now if he start putting together a winning streak, I would'nt call him a gate keeper anymore.

If Baroni loses his next fight it should be over for him in the UFC