Baroni vs Lawler...intriguing

I got to thinking just how bizarre this matchup is, mainly because the two fighters are practically clones of each other.

consider the following:

-Both were hyped pretty heavily coming into the UFC and in their first couple fights. Both have since lost most if not all of that hype.

-Both guys have proven to be very inconsistent. Similar to Randleman or Vitor, you just never know which fighter is going to show up, the one that is capable of beating anyone on any given night, or the one who just doesn't seem like he wants to be in there.

-Both guys have solid power, questionable ground game, and a questionable chin. The Diaz KO punch on Lawler is perhaps the weakest looking KO punch I've seen, though looks can be deceiving. Lawler was also dropped by Lytle. Baroni I've seen rocked by talentless toughman guys several times. On the flipside, both guys have shown tremendous one punch power, so this one should end in a KO.

All in all I am very intrigued and interested in the fight. I think it's do or die for both guys. They really need this one.

Another strange thing about this one is that I think the gameplan should be the same for both fighters. If I was the trainer for either fighter I'd tell him the same thing (try to keep it standing, and try to knock him out.) Which makes it pretty much a tossup.

I feel that overall, Lawler is a more skilled fighter. But I am going to go with Baroni here, and the clincher is that I think Baroni is more aggressive. He certainly wasn't in his last fight, but Lawler hasn't been aggressive since fighting Tiki, and Baroni usually comes out aggressive. So I see Baroni coming out faster and stronger, and putting Lawler on the defensive. Lawler still has a chance to catch him with a counterpunch, but I see the aggressor of the fight winning this one.

The only real difference between the two guys is in their attitude, Baroni is a bad boy and Lawler is not.

This fight could be fight of the night material if both guys show up to fight. Otherwise one fighter will show up and make it a walkover. Or, heaven forbid, neither guy shows up and we get a shadowboxing snoozefest with neither guy initiating (Shamrock-Severn style?)


both suck,both are ego driven pretty boys, both lack ability, the only thing they got is a lucky punch, i hope they both kill each other

Lawler barely trains while Baroni trains too much. I like Lawler more because he isnt full of himself 24/7.

lygerbomb: keep your negative posts to yourself. what the fuck do you know about anything anyway?

Both fighters are very talented. Their mental games need maturing. I believe this will be a war, with Baroni winning by KO

Haha Lyger is at least partially correct.

I love both guys, they are very exciting to watch, but
neither will be a champ for long, if at all.

This will be a sweet fight as long as neither get
Ko'ed early. I can't see lawler ko'ing phil.

Lawler could KO Phil quite easily.

yeah, either guy could get the KO. Neither has a great chin, both have great power. That's a recipe for disaster. Should be a KO one way or the other.

I don't think they're inconsistent. The only example of inconsistency I've seen from either was Baroni/Tanner II. Other than that, they always fight the same way, but that way is just not good enough to beat most smart fighters.

Robbie hasn't fought the same way since his loss to Pete Spratt. Baroni looked very strange in his last fight against Tanner.

One of the most important factors in this fight may be overlooked at times. I happen to think:

I dont care if you like or dislike Baroni....the guy can definitely take a punch!...Not that its a good thing, but we've all actually seen him eat knees to the head as well vs (that Russian kid I always forget) a matter of fact, more than one.

With that being much as I really like Robbie L:awler....I think that he only has 1 objective....Dont stand with Baroni....if Robbie takes this fight to the ground and can mount Baroni....Lawler kills him in a brutal GnP session.

As good as a wrestler they say Baroni is....I like Lawler's wrestling better

So moral of the

Lawler stands with Baroni = Baroni by KO

Baroni on his back = Lawler by viscious KO 

what's up Frankie?

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Dammit Bradu I clicked on this thread expecting to see your artistic rendition of your prediction for this fight. I think Lawler can win as long as he makes it past the first 3:30 when Baroni usually starts to gas.

"Robbie hasn't fought the same way since his loss to Pete Spratt. Baroni looked very strange in his last fight against Tanner."

This is exactly what I meant when I said inconsistent. They seem to have 'lost their fighting spirit' or something.

I haven't been particularly impressed with either guy on the ground, so I don't know that one has the edge on the ground. However, if one guy is winning the standup, the other may have no choice but to try to take it to the ground. We'll have to see.

well baroni escaped a submission once. dunno if lawler has, ever :)

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Having been a Teammate of Phil Baroni, training with him in submissions.. He's a great wrestler, and knows a lot of submissions.. Unfortunately, he has not displayed any of his grappling abilities; due to a sudden duality with himself...

Lawler will not be out wrestling shit..

It truly is an interesting matchup. It will be a slugfest, first one who lands wins.