Baroni vs. Murray = 185 Champ??!?!

FightSport claims if these two win their repective matches at UFC 48, they will meet for the 185 title at 49 or 50.

If this is true, someone needs to kick Dana White's ass. Neither of those fools are top 5 at 185, maybe top 5 in UFC because there are no contenders currently in that weight.

Strip Penn, give two big, unproven mouths a title shot for no reason. What's next?

Don't get your panties in a bunch...

Lindland vs Horn sounds better.

someone needs to wake Dana's ass up!

I'd like to see those two fight, but for a title already...not too sure about that

fight sport must be wrong then

If I wanted to see 2 clowns Id go to the circus

Well at least they are consistent, right Matt?

good lord niether deserves a title shot. lets at least hope baloni takes him down instead of boxing..

How bout Lindland/Baroni and Horn/Murray, with the winners fighting for the title.

That is pathetic if that is true. How either of those two morons could feel good about that as a title shot is beyond me. Neither of them are neither that status yet.

no, not lindland/baroni again

UFC should just get all the Baroni's, Murray's, Tank's, Tito's, Kimo's and the like and then change their name to 'BAR ROOM BRAWL'

that's what they're heading to anyways

i think baroni woul be fine as long as he doesnt' fight someone from TQ.....

I've got no problem with Murray being in there for the title. He KO'd Pele, who is definately top 10 at that weight

Damn I hope Tanner gets the takedown against Phil, or else he's done.

IMO Lindland can beat all three. Murray would have nothing for him on the ground. I hope this story isn't true. If it's true then to be somebody in the UFC... you have to talk smack like you are a freshman in high school. The good smack talkers get the back burner in the UFC for christsakes.

"There is a ZERO percent chance of Baroni beating Tanner."

I'd say Baroni/Tanner is more of a pickem'. I expect the fight will be similar to the first with Baroni landing bombs early. Its just a matter of whether Baroni can finish Tanner or not, because if he doesn't, Baroni will tire and Tanner will come on.

As much as I respect Zuffa and Dana White for the progress they made, the one thing they haven't done is provide any stability to the titles. Some factors have been out of their control (Barnett and Sylvia taking roids), but others have been.

The 185 pound division is looking like it good be one of the better ones in the next while. With Lawler moving up, Baroni and Murray feuding, possibly Carlos Newton getting into the mix, and Lindland the current dominant fighter in the division (at least since Busta left).

We'll see how the dust settles with Baroni and Murray, but from past experience we know that when we count on certain matches to turn out a certain way, it almost never happens (just ask Crocop and Hughes...). Lindland, like him or not, should be included in any title fight at 185 right now.

Final thought - maybe Zuffa could swallow some pride (no pun intended) and make a play to get Busta back. I don't exactly see his career skyrocketing in Japan right now.

Wow alot a folks are hating on the UFC for a rumor nothing more. I say just have champs get the ball rolling. no champs sucks. The ufc doesnt have to pay more for title fights. if they want the belt pay them the same.

I like the idea of a tourney I would go with
Horn Vs Liddell and Murray VS Baroni. winners to meat.

i think matt is more than deserving to get a shot at the title...but i just don't think dana and crew are big fans of his...they made him have to win to come back in the ufc where he's only lost one time...where as baroni has lost 3 times and was suspended and is on a ufc card before matt sucks!! to say if baroni somehow gets by tanner...dana would be extremely happy b/c phil was finally able to win...dana would throw phil in a title fight against someone the fans would love to see...lee murray...i like murray..he's a badass...but matt is the #1 contender right now...not lee...just yet...and definitely not baroni with his 3 ufc losses.

"And in process becomes the first MMA Champion with a losing record."

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