Baroni's opponent=BS??

This Pete "Drago" Sell guy only has four fights against three different opponents, two of which are very inexperienced and have losing records.

Is Baroni getting this one on a platter?

I hear this kid is legit...not that many fights, but baroni didn't have many when he got in, and has lost since getting there. I'll take baroni, but drago ain't bad.

Well, Zuffa wanted Tony Fryklund, but that didn't work out. Pete Sell was the best they could find on short notice.


None of the databases list any UFC fights for him.

Chris Liqouri fought in the UFC and lost to Keith Rockel.

"None of the databases list any UFC fights for him."

Chris Liguori fought Keith Rockel in UFC 45.

oh sorry, I misread your post. I thought that you were saying Drago's last fight was in the UFC. Apologies.

I'm not trying to imply that Drago sucks or anything, I just don't know anything about him, and his record doesn't say much.

I am not sure why this is considered short notice according to the practices of the industry. One month notice would be considered a luxury for many PRIDE fighters.

I would imagine their hands were a bit tied because there are a lot of 185 lb. up and comers who they could not use due to the TV show moratorium.

I'm sure there are a bunch of 85'ers that would have taken that fight. I dont know anything about sell's but he did more to earn this shot than baroni did to earn his.

Drago definitely has earned his shot. There alot of people in the serra/renzo orginization that he gets to roll with on a daily basis {especially matt and nick}
Joel Silva knows the serra bros. have someone that is coming to fight. What a way to start , taking out the biggest dog on the block. Phil fights hard and is fun to watch . Every fight drago has had was a fan favorite. he comes to fight and enjoys it. he is not looking for a padded record. he will fight who is available and baroniis the guy

Well, it sounds like he's legit.

I'm looking forward to this one.

A win for Phil will mean nothing. A win by Sell will change his life in a huge way .

Sell has potential galore - I have had his name on a list of guys to watch for a while...

He is also standup, despite a JJ team, he is a kickboxer first, I believe.

Miguel: I need to get in touch with you... my phone is down for the day. Any news?

Sell might have potential to be huge but Baroni shouldnt be fighting this guy most people dont know when his career is on the line.

there is probably a friendly relationship similar to
the Miletich camp an Zuffa. the only difference being
that Miletichs guys do alot better than serra/renzos

the only dude out of the serra/renzo camp that ever
did anything in the UFC was matt.

nick lost a boring match, and sean alvarez got beat
down by Cabbage.

i hope this dude does better than his teammates.

There are plenty of guys in C level shows that have done more than
Baroni to earn their shot; don't question Drago question why Baroni is

Getting in the UFC is not about what you know.Its about who you and your managers bl%w.

first about the renzo camp. alot of great fighters on the team. from renzo , matt nick, ricard almeida, rodrigo gracie, sean .. these are among the most respected fighters and trainers in the world. ,they come to fight, and dont offer excuses if they lose. baronid career is one big excuse.

sell is no way a kickboxer first